How to Get What You Want by Living a Soul Directed, Purpose Driven Life…

I have something exciting to tell you about!
The 2012 Tapping World Summit will begin on May 7th!
This is the Academy Awards of the Tapping industry!

As you know, I am a big promoter of tapping and some of you have attended my teleclasses on how to tap.
You will NOT want to miss this series of videos that starts on May 7th and runs for 10 days.

I have a powerful video for you to watch from the free pre-event video series for the upcoming 2012 Tapping World Summit.
This video is with internationally known expert Cheryl Richardson, a best-selling author of 5 books who is best known as one of the world's foremost personal coaching pioneers.
Cheryl has appeared on shows like The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America and The Today Show just to name a few.

You can see this free video by going here:

In this video Cheryl talks out two really important topics:
How to remove fear, anxiety and overwhelm in order to live a soul directed, purpose drive life where you actually get to have what you want and feel good doing it… and how to set boundaries and say no to others in order to get what you want (and how to do it without feeling guilty and worrying that you're hurting or letting others down).
I think this video hits on a really important topic for most people because as I'm sure you'd agree with me, sometimes we worry to much about what other people think and we end up putting ourselves last just to make other people happy.

Cheryl is known for teaching "The Art of Self Care" and this video shares some amazing information on that topic.
If you want to see a meaningful video that has heart, soul and quality information (not just hype) then I suggest watching this video:

This is the 3rd in the fr*ee Tapping World Summit Video series that has been released over the last week. Over 100,000 people have watched the first two videos with experts Nick Ortner and Kris Carr. There are also nearly 1,000 comments of praise and appreciation for the amazing videos on the blog that is hosting them.

I think that what is going on with this video series and the upcoming 2012 Tapping World Summit is something very special and unique that is worth checking out.

Enjoy the video with Cheryl and if you haven't yet seen the videos with Nick Ortner and Kris Carr make sure to watch those also.

Here's the link again:
Cindy Selvaggio Shumaker

P.S. - I want to emphasize that this is one of the most valuable events you'll ever attend online.
I highly recommend you check out what's going on here as this event only happens once per year…

P.P.S - And if you want to learn more about the 2012 Tapping World Summit itself which starts on May 7th then make sure to click on the "Learn About the Tapping World Summit" button in the navigation bar when you get to the blog. :)