What is the Message of Your Pain?

Did you ever wonder why you don't get better, despite the medication, the surgery or when the doctor tells you that he/she can't find a reason you are in pain?

Emotional trauma is stored in the cells of your body, your body remembers even when you don't.

This may be a new concept for you, but I am challenging you to step back and look at your pain with a new set of eyes. Ask yourself, "what is my body trying to tell me?" 

Below are some common physical complaints and the possible emotional connection

Back Pain:Feeling unsupported, overwhelmed and under too much pressure. Carrying suppressed and unresolved emotions

Upper back
: Carrying the world on your shoulders. Feeling stressed and overwhelmed by all the things you have to do. Lack of trust and frequent worry, fear, negativity, perfectionism and limitation. Feeling unsupported by life and the people around you. Too much thinking

Middle back: Stuck in the past. Holding onto guilt and resentment. Difficulty breathing and taking in life. Oversensitive to other people. Difficulty forgiving yourself and others for past mistakes. Too focused on what is wrong

Lower back: Feeling insecure about how you will support yourself financially. Constant worry about survival. Holding onto unresolved anger from childhood. Feeling like a victim

Irritable Bowel Syndrome:
Unbalanced, too serious and controlling, focused on the negative.Judgmental, opinionated, easily irritated. Difficulty trusting others. Holding onto outdated beliefs and ideas. Confusion, loss of direction, not knowing which way to turn.

Knee: Feeling stuck, inflexibility, difficulty dealing with a person, issue or situation from the past.  Fear of moving forward. A great need to know what will happen next.

Right knee: Issue with a male in your life and/or difficulty moving forward in your career; limited thinking; fear of failure

Left knee: Issue with a female in your life. Holding onto sadness, hurt, loss from the past. Feeling like a victim. Constant criticism. Holding yourself back

Migraine:Control, pressure, seriousness, perfectionism. Over committing yourself. Great need for love and approval. Ignoring your own needs. Putting other people before you. Extreme guilt and anxiety. Conflict with self and other people. Self-punishment. Feeling angry and annoyed with others

Stomach: Difficulty digesting life; feeling attacked like you have been punched in the gut; feeling inferior and second best; difficulty dealing with rejection

Metaphysical Anatomy by Evette Rose
The Secret Language of Your Body by Inna Segal

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