Cindy is amazing at getting to the bottom of your problems and eliminating them! I had an issue with my hip that was only getting worse as time went on. I was surprised to find the link, but when we did, the pain was instantly gone! What a relief. I felt thrilled with the results and so grateful for the relief. Cindy was thorough, professional and very knowledgeable about the process to release my pain.

She also worked with my 9 year old daughter whom had just been struggling with many issues and started to distance herself from me. She is such a precious girl and I just didn’t know how to get her “back” to be the carefree girl she was just months before  some traumatic events. I saw huge changes right away and my daughter is now the willing, loving, connected and sweet child she has been her whole (short) life. I’m so grateful that my daughter was able to release the stress at such a young age and not have to carry it with her into adulthood. We can’t protect our kids from all bad things or bad beliefs they will pick up along the way, but we can eradicate them before they have a hold on their life and Cindy knows how!!
Much praise. I trust my family and myself to her!!

~Tammy M

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