About Cindy

"Providing hope and inspiration to those who struggle with letting go"

Stress management and self calming expert, Cindy Shumaker, knows all too well the toll that stress can take on the mind, body and spirit.

But what if there was a simple technique that could neutralize your stress in as little as ten minutes?

With over four decades of self induced stress and recent emotional traumas, Cindy shares with her audience an understanding of how the mind body connection works and how your physical body is an autobiography of your emotional state.

The co-author of “The Magical Influence of Listening”, Cindy’s ability to listen to her own body and the messages it was sending, lead to her own personal growth and she now shares those insightful revelations with those seeking the same.

She is passionate about working with those looking for positive change and who are ready to take their health and happiness to the next level.