Why it Works

I was introduced to this process in 2008 and thought the concept was too easy, too good to be true....but it worked! Not only on myself, but anyone else that let me share this technique with them.

Here is a video explains FasterEFT in a nutshell


A key part of growth is accepting responsibility. The intention for this blog is to provide information of value in learning about FEFT (Faster EFT). While it’s quite often remarkable, tapping is still relatively new and in the experimental stage. 

My focus is on helping the general public understand how to use tapping positively for self-help and personal growth. FEFT is a wonderful, gentle and safe tool for people to learn and use.

Given that, I also recognize and honor that there are times when a person needs to use tapping under the supervision of a doctor, therapist or other healthcare professional.
You’re responsible for using your judgment in knowing when to do so.

Any information, instructions or advice presented is in no way intended as a substitute for medical or psychological care. I disclaim any liability or loss in connection with the information and advice herein.

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