Stop pushing my buttons!!!

Do you have someone in your life that pushes your buttons?

If so, I want to congratulate you because you have been blessed - Yes, very blessed!

A button pusher is someone who annoys you; someone who draws a strong emotional response, usually anger; someone who manipulates you to produce a desired response – THEIR desired response.

A button pusher typically dominates the conversation using sarcasm and their opinion is always the right one!

I bet someone’s name just penetrated your mind! Your blood pressure is probably rising as you hear their voice in your head as you revisit a recent conversation.

That button pusher has been put in your life for a reason. Whether you realize it or not, on an energetic level, they are forcing you to forge ahead. You are being pushed outside your comfort zone to achieve things that you may not have the confidence to do.

When a button pusher starts vomiting their opinion all over you, you immediately feel like you’ve been punched in the gut; they deflate your hopes and dreams.

Button pushers are dream stealers!

Dream stealers are insecure, weak people who don’t have the courage to chase their own dreams. They will do everything they can to discourage you, because your dreams are a threat to them. Your dreams make them feel like they are failures in their own lives or because it is a negative reflection of their relationship with you.

A button pusher will awaken the giant within you! You will start to see what you want more clearly because everything they say goes against every fiber of your being. Your dreams and desires stand at attention in your soul and start marching down the right path. The path of success!!

Be grateful today – Shout “thank you” to your button pusher!

Ironically, they will be the ones who are left in an emotional dust to choke on their own words!

One last thought – if YOU are the button pusher, you might want to take a good hard look in the mirror and ask “why”.

If you are having a difficult time emotionally detaching from a button pusher, you can use the following tapping script to help take the zing out of the situation.

If you are new to this blog and unfamiliar with the tapping process, please see the "introduction to tapping" link at the top of this page. It will provide you with everything you need to know!

As always, please change the words to fit your current situation

Karate chop point:

"Even though I am so irritated right now, I love and accept myself anyway”
"Even though she pushes all my buttons, I accept this feeling and everything it means to me ”
"Even though I am feeling so defeated, I love who I am anyway”

Round One:

EB: I can’t believe she just said that to me!
SE: I am so mad right now
UE: Who does she think she is
UN: She thinks she knows what’s best for me!
CH: She’s supposed to love me
CB: Not pick on me
UA: She told me to get my head out of the clouds
HD: To face reality
WR: What does she know?

** Now take a deep breath or two and proceed to the second round of tapping**

Round Two:

EB: I am so upset
SE: She doesn’t believe in me
UE: And that really hurts
UN: She just doesn’t get it
CH: I know what makes me happy
CB: And it’s NOT her ideas of what I should do
UA: I’ll show her!
HD: I have dreams
WR: She will be so surprised when I am successful

** Now take a deep breath or two and proceed to the third round of tapping**

Round Three:

EB: I choose to forgive her ignorance
SE: I will forgive her as a way of releasing the hold she has had on me
UE: I am in charge of my hopes and dreams
UN: It is all good
CH: I’ll show her!
CB: I am determined to succeed now
UA: There is no stopping me
HD: Watch out world, here I come!
WR: I love that I am in charge and in control of my life! “YES”


  1. It has been about 10 weeks since you posted this particular script. I sincerely hope you haven't retired. Your Tapping scripts are inspiring to me. Love, Jimmy

  2. I feel I was led to your blog at a perfect time. Thank you.

  3. You've given me an understanding why someone like me (my perception of me is a kind person) would have such a less than kind person as a neighbour. She would be nice to others but mean to me. I dont know how to handle disharmony particularly when it's in my face all the time. Our fence between our houses is very low and it's a constant reminder. I dream of sharing the costs of having a high fence between us. Maybe it's low for now so I'm pushed to do things I wouldn't do. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I feel a little emotionally supported.

  4. it's my first time to see your blog, I'm trying hard to hear what it is saying... I think I'm on to something here with you... I'm wondering how to fit this to me if the "BUTTON PUSHER" is my spouse???

  5. Thank you for the comments, we all have button pushers in our lives. They may not fit the exact scenario above, but it will spur your thought process to match your current situation. I suggest you tap on the exact words above, just once and the words that fit your situation will magically appear in your mind.