What is it that I do exactly?

Many times my friends and family hear about the transformations taking place in my clients, but they don’t know HOW to explain what I do, so I ask them “do you know anyone with problems, issues, situations or physical pain?”

I usually get answers like "yes, me" or "yes, everyone has those!"

Yes, we all have problems but can you easily let go and move on without carrying fragments of those problems with you when you wake up each day?
Do those fragments tend to pull you back into the muck and mire of life?
If so, you probably feel like you are suffocating from all the “stuff", like you are in quick sand and you can’t break free.

After days, months and years of being in that mental state, it leads to anxiety, depression, physical pain and a gradual erosion of your immune system. Before you know it, you feel so far gone, it feels hopeless, helpless and out of control.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are options and that’s why I’m here, to help and guide you to gain control of your emotions and feelings.
Yes, that is possible, no matter what you are feeling today

Most of us have never been taught how to deal with our “stuff” so it becomes overwhelming when we start paying attention to what is inside of our heads. Instead of dealing with it, we avoid it by numbing ourselves. We eat it away, smoke it, gamble it, shop it, jog it, Facebook it, drink it away so we don’t have to look at it. We stuff it deep inside and then it starts to eat away at us. 

If you look at the world through glasses smeared with crap, your world always looks crappy, so let's wipe that crap off so your glasses so your view becomes crystal clear! 

To make permanent changes, you have to change how you represent life at the subconscious level. That process involves changing memories which rips the problem out by the roots like a weed.

 Think of your brain as a garden. If you don’t eradicate the weeds, roots and all, they grow back and eventually take over the mental landscaping in our minds.

I use eutapticsⓇ which is a process that utilizes the power of the mind to overcome emotional traumas, chronic pain/illness and any other emotional weeds that are choking out the beauty in life.

Let's plant something new together, what are you waiting for?
photo: pixabay.com

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