Making Joy A Habit is All About Perspective

Sometimes I am amazed at the beautiful connections I have made on Facebook. On the other hand, I know that we attract like minded people, so I shouldn't be surprised when the universe delivers a new friend on a silver platter in the most unique ways.

I have been very fortunate and extremely grateful for the delivery of Kimberly Wilson Ward, placed ever so gently in my path by our generous universe!
She has given me the opportunity to spread my wings as a writer, encouraging me to take a step, then another and another until I was flying down a creative path of self awareness.

She has definitely brought a smile to my face while teaching me that perspective is essential for making joy a habit!

Joy truly comes through your perspective of events and situations that you find yourself in on a continuous basis. When you finish your shopping at the Grocery store do you glance at the receipt and see a decline in your checkbook or do you see an abundance as you put the groceries away?

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