EFT is not a magic wand. You have to do the work!

Just like when you recruit the services of a Personal Trainer to get your body into shape, they are not there to do the push-ups, stretches, squats etc for you. It would be no good just watching your Personal Trainer work out and expect to get the same results for your own body.

 It's the same with EFT. If you commit to doing the tapping you will see great results.
You have to do the work yourself. The more you tap the greater the results.

EFT is not a magic wand you can wave above your head to make all your worries and anxieties go away - job done. EFT is a practical tool that you can use to clear out all the negative memories and experiences that are still keeping you stuck in the past, afraid to move forward.

You can do a lot of the work yourself once you learn the technique, but a trained and skilled EFT Practitioner will help guide you to uncover what lies beneath the surface. It's important to not go where you don't belong on your own. Save any 'big stuff' that you may uncover and work with a Practitioner. You'll feel safe and guided rather than scared and overwhelmed.

Tap every day on every day things. Traffic jams; work relationships; general aches and pains, and should you uncover something that feels like it might overwhelm you - don't go there alone. Just as a skilled Personal Trainer will assign you the correct techniques as a newbie to get you on the right path to fitness, so will an EFT Practitioner.

They'll guide you and support you through every phase of your learning experience with EFT so you'll get that same sense of achievement you do when you've run your first mile or cycled your first circuit.

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Debs Sutton is an AAMET qualified EFT Practitioner helping mums strengthen their maternal bond with their baby or young child, and helping artists and musicians to combat stage fright, audition & performance anxiety and to improve performance excellence. 
Contact: www.eft4prosperity.com

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