The Temporal Tap

If you're not familiar with the Temporal Tap, It's an energy technique that calms the part of the nervous system that holds on to old habits. It was used thousands of years ago for pain relief.

Simply tapping on the head beginning at the temple and following a path up around the top of the ear makes the brain more receptive to learning new habits and instilling affirmations. 

The Temporal Tapping process helps override a lot of energetic resistance your system might have so it's easier for your affirmations to take hold.

Suggested Affirmations for Healing with the Temporal Tap:

• I can imagine each cell in my body radiating healing light.
• I radiate healing light.
• I am life force vitality and healing energy!
• All 70 trillion cells in my body are vibrating with healing light energy!
• I enjoy feeling the vibrant healing energy inside of me and sharing it with others.
• Every cell in my body resonates with healing and health.
• I breath in love, light, peace, joy and healing with every breath I take.
• I am grateful that every cell in my body knows how to heal quickly, easily and in a healthy manner.
• I choose to breath out stress and allow my mind and my body to be calmer and more peaceful.
• My body has an inner wisdom that knows what I no long need and it releases it now.
• I choose to absorb the wisdom from all my past experience and let go of the pain.
• As I easily release the past I live in the present moment and feel the healing energy vibrate through my body.
• I rest peacefully every night knowing that my body is healing while I sleep and I will wake feeling energized and alive.

As always, experiment with the affirmations, and find the ones that help you. These are suggestions, and will have the most impact when you roll them aroundin your mind and put them in your own language and syntax.

Practice Radiating Healing Energy!

As you go through the day, have some fun imagining you are sending healing light out from your body to each person you meet. Or to every animal you come across (even your own)! You can even imagine seeing the healing light expanding from other people toward you!

I like to imagine the healing energy exploding out of my heart chakra - it only takes an instant to send out this healing light to other people, animals, plants etc. 
As you practice this, notice how you feel - and smile! 

Keep tapping into light, love and healing!
Love & light,

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