Using guided imagery to help patients cope

 The mind body connection is so strong and the human body is nothing short of magical!

What about using guided imagery to reduce medical costs in patients. Sounds a little hokey, but research shows that the use of guided imagery as a self calming technique can in fact do what I just mentioned. 

"The mind-body connection is increasingly being explored by doctors, scientists and others. Research shows that guided imagery can help turn around the way your mind works, thus the way your body behaves. 

This week on “Take Care,” Jane Pernotto Ehrman speaks about how guided imagery works. Ehrman is lead behavioral health specialist at the Cleveland Clinic Center for Lifestyle Medicine in the Wellness Institute, and has had personal experience with guided imagery working for her.

Ehrman was diagnosed with breast cancer 26 years ago and was told she only had a 35 percent chance of living five years. The chemotherapy made her extremely sick, and she thought to herself that she would probably feel better if she were dead.

A therapist asked Ehrman if she would like to try guided imagery to help with the side effects of the treatments and when she did, the changes she began to notice were big."

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