How to change your limiting beliefs for more success

95% of everything we know, from our behaviors and emotions to our beliefs and even our personality comes from the subconscious mind. Using humor and engagement, Dr. Irum Tahir teaches how to access the subconscious mind to transform deep patterns which cause us anxiety, pain and feelings of failure and create a life full of happiness, fulfillment and joy.

I liked this video, but I think she fell short in explaining "how" to change the subconscious. That can't be explained in 12 short minutes, but changing negative memories is the best place to start and changing the earliest negative memories in childhood is the first place to explore because they are the foundation of why you react to the world the way you do.

My experience is that Faster EFT is the best method to tackle this. You can do it on your own or with a trained professional. It takes dedication and commitment to want to change yourself for the better, but the rewards are monumental if you start that journey and see it through to the end!

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