Have you become a victim of your pain?

How often do you use pain as an excuse to avoid living life?

Do you find yourself using your pain to avoid situations where you might get hurt?

Do you find yourself using your pain as an excuse to avoid doing something you’d rather
not do?

Do you waste precious energy complaining about how bad you feel to anyone who will listen?

If you do, you are not alone. Many people do these things subconsciously, when their pain has become such a huge part of their life! In a way, their pain becomes their identity, an identity they’d be lost without!

I worked with a client recently who was in constant back pain from a car accident. Her pain was very real and over time it had become such a part of who she was that it was keeping her from living a quality life.

She didn’t enjoy her pain, she didn’t want her pain, and yet, subconsciously it was the one thing in life she could count on being there. And it became so much a part of her identity that she didn’t know who she would be without it! Her pain was also keeping her connected to certain people in her life who served her. On the other hand, it was also keeping her disconnected from people or events in her life that felt unpleasant.

When I suggested to her that her pain probably had some emotional components that were keeping her tied to it and that she had indeed become a victim of her pain, it was an Ah-ha moment for her. She totally agreed she had emotional issues tied to the accident, but never seriously considered them as a reason for the ongoing pain. As many people do, she felt her pain was physical, not emotional. Once we started isolating and attacking the emotional issues tied to the accident, she started making real progress.

With each session we peeled away more layers, even those preceding the accident. With each layer came more clarity and insight into her authentic self. Each layer brought a greater sense of peace. She started gaining self confidence and her life slowly began to change. Her relationships also changed as she purged the toxic people from her life, which in turn, helped her pain subside. She took charge of her life instead of remaining a victim!

How would it feel if you could stop being a victim of your own pain?

What if you could discover the emotional contributor to YOUR pain?

What would your life look like if you were pain free?

What if....you could change your life by looking inside yourself for the answers?

Imagine the possibilities!

You deserve good health, peace and calmness!

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