Start your day over whenever you want!

We all have days when we don’t want to get out of bed; some of us more than others.

The important thing to remember is that no matter how bad you feel, no matter what time of the day it is, you have the choice to start it all over.

The universe always hears and responds to our vibrations and it’s up to us to choose our feelings.

At any given moment you can choose to focus on something that makes you feel good, listen to some music, focus on nature, read an inspirational quote, use aroma therapy or find some other way to raise your vibration.

What are you feeling right now? Do you want to stay in that feeling or do you want to feel better?

Make the choice to start over right now. Do whatever it takes to get back on track.

The following tapping script may jump start your day or help you to start it over!

If you are new to this blog and unfamiliar with the tapping process, please see the "introduction to tapping" link at the top of this page. It will provide you with everything you need to know!

Karate chop point:

"Even though I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, I love and accept myself anyway”
"Even though I feel like a big grump, I accept these feelings today ”
"Even though I don’t want to face the world, I appreciate who I am right now”

Round One:

EB: I feel grumpy
SE: I want to pull the covers over my head
UE: It’s too early to face reality
UN: This is not going to be a good day
CH: I know I’m not supposed to be this moody
CB: But I really don’t feel like doing anything about it
UA: It takes energy to be in a good mood
HD: Doesn’t it?
WR: I don’t have that much energy right now

** Now take a deep breath or two and proceed to the second round of tapping**

Round Two:

EB: I know if I don’t turn this around soon, my day is never going to get better
SE: Maybe I can find one thing to be grateful for right now
UE: Well, I’m alive and breathing, so God gave me another chance today
UN: I guess I need to be grateful for that
CH: I better not waste the gift he gave me
CB: I choose to focus on things that make me feel better
UA: I feel so good when I think about ______
HD: I am starting to feel a little better
WR: This day might not be so bad after all

** Now take a deep breath or two and proceed to the third round of tapping**

Round Three:

EB: I forgive myself and anyone else that may have contributed to my grumpiness today
SE: I choose to appreciate who I am at this very moment
UE: I love appreciating myself and others in my life
UN: My mood is starting to lift
CH: I feel like I might be able to conquer this day after all
CB: I will start by listening to my favorite music
UA: Music makes my heart smile
HD: I am so proud that I am turning this around
WR: I deserve to be happy!

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