All This Back Pain!

I love to empower myself with self help books and when I first started reading self healing books, I was amazed to learn that so much of our pain is caused from stored emotions in the body.

That led me to think about many of my co-workers and friends who suffer from back pain. Many have no physical contributor to their pain and doctors can't find a medical reason, yet they are still in pain.

The only option many of them have is to pop a pill and mask the pain. That is fine for temporary relief, but the long term goal is to find the root of the problem and eradicate it like pulling a weed, root and all! If you don't pull out the root, the weed will pop up again, just like your back pain when the pain killer wears off.

Right now, many of you are saying, "but I have a physical reason for my back pain"!
For those that do have a diagnosed reason for your pain, there are emotions that are tied to that pain.

For example, I have a friend that broke her back in a car accident, and even though she has pins and rods and scars that give her pain, she still has emotions tied to that accident.

Those are the emotions I am talking about. The thoughts that still haunt you in regards to the event that led to your physical condition and pain.

I love Louse L. Hay's book "Heal Your Body", I have learned so much about myself and my body after reading her book.

Here's some interesting facts that I have picked up from her and other self help books about back pain:

Lower back pain: fear of money, lack of financial support
Middle back pain: guilt
Upper back pain: lack of emotional support; feeling unloved; holding back love

Typically, pain on the right side of the body is associated with finances and pain on the left side of the body is associated with relationships. For a minority of people, that can be flipped: right side = relationships and the left side = finances.

When I work with clients who are dealing with any kind of pain, I have them answer a questionnaire about the possible events and/or emotions associated with the pain. This enables me to get a better grip on the emotions that may be trapped in thier body.

Most are pleasantly amazed at the pain relief by the end of our session
By the way, 95% of my sessions are done on the phone!

I have provided a tapping script for back pain today!

Before you start tapping, please rate your pain and write it down on paper. Rate it from 1-10 with 10 being the worst. Describe the pain: dull, aching, stabbing, etc,

After 3 rounds of tapping, reassess your pain and write down your results. Did the pain number lessen, did it change locations, did it change from stabbing to aching? Write it all down.

Do a few more rounds and see if you can reduce it even further.

If you are new to this blog and unfamiliar with the tapping process, please see the "introduction to tapping" link at the top of this page.
It will provide you with everything you need to know!

As always, please change the words to fit your current situation

Karate chop point:

"Even though I have this excruciating back pain I deeply and completely love and accept
myself anyway”

"Even though I am so uncomfortable, I accept all the messages that my body is sending”

"Even though I can’t think of anything else except my pain, I love all of my body anyway”

Round One:

EB: This off the scale back pain
SE: I am so uncomfortable
UE: I can’t think about anything else right now
UN: My back is screaming at me
CH: It definitely has my attention
CB: I can't get comfortable
UA: I can't take any more pain pills
HD: I hate feeling this way
WR: I'm afraid this pain will NEVER go away

**Now take a deep breath or two and proceed to the second round of tapping**

Round Two:

EB: Even though I have ignored the messages my back has been sending me all this
time, I choose to listen to it now
SE: I deserve to feel healthy and whole
UE: I choose to imagine by body pain free
UN: I might be able to throw away those toxic pain pills
CH: I give my body permission to start healing itself, starting with my back
CB: The very part of my body that supports me everyday
UA: I feel the presence of healing love in my body
HD: Love is now healing my back
WR: Life now supports me as does my back

** Now take a deep breath or two and proceed to the third round of tapping**

Round Three:

EB: I’m grateful for this pain gift which brought me understanding and compassion
SE: I forgive myself and anyone else that may have contributed to my back pain
UE: Forgiveness is a gift I now give to myself and those around me
UN: I deserve to be healthy
CH: I have the power to heal my own body
CB: I am asking Archangle Raphael to assist me in this healing process
UA: He is the divine angel of healing
HD: Love and light surround my body
WR: I feel safe, relaxed and at peace

**Take a final deep breath and repeat as necessary**

Any questions or concerns, please email me at:

Wishing health and happiness!
Cindy (Selvaggio) Shumaker


  1. all I can say .. is omg.. that explains so much.. in just that brief moment ...have a lot of back pain.. and it is always my upper back.. and rarely my middle or lower. I haven't felt loved by the guy I live with in years.. that explains it.. my emotions and body were telling me things I wasn't willing to listen to until recently when I decided to actually leave this 11 year loveless relationship... moving in 10 days.. hoping for better life ahead..

    1. Remember the movie Avatar?

      Where all those blue people were connected by an

      They were able to communicate with plants and

      Well, that is not just a fantasy.

      It turns out that kind of “energy” is real.

      Deepak Chopra wrote about a study, where scientists
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      There was no way they could have communicated
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      The only explanation was that they communicated
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      The Japanese call this energy “Ki”.

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      In fact, a man named Mikao Usui developed a
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      According to him he already had this power, but
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      We just need to recognize it and release it.

      [Check out his presentation on Reiki here.]

      Alright, till next time.

      Yours Truly,
      Mr Ana

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      He's planning on releasing his training methods on
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      Look forward to hearing from you!

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  2. Thank you for your feedback!
    Doesn't it feel good when everything falls into place like this??!!!

    Wishing you lots of love as you embark on your new chapter in life - and of course, a pain free back!

  3. Dear Cindy,
    I am fully aware and in agreement with your thoughts. Long story short, i have recently had this problem with lower, twisted spine, crushed disk, hip displacement and immense pain. i took pain tables till i could no longer stand the pain anymore and then saw the osteopath, who told me the above, so i'm working with him re physical. friends are doing reiki - and though i cannot articulate what the repressed emotions are - as my body releases, i feel & see my bodies physical reaction (trembling, shaking) enormous fear reaction! I left my 13 year abusive relationship 5 years ago & have been working with psycologists, and i'm in an incredible empowering & balanced head space, but i went on my first date 2 weeks ago, and have accidents and physical pain since! Do i have a physical problem, certainly, but working through this, my healing is occurring quickly & your above article came for me at just the perfect time. I will try the above tapping exercises and I am grateful for your work.
    Many thanks,

  4. This is really true, all the pain that we had our all due to stress. How we handled ourselves, if we face it or tried to avoid it but not learning to let go. Having an unforgiving heart makes us more miserable.
    As we ;earn to forgive those who hurt us that will help us to be relieved from all pain,and start a new life and a happy relationship with all the people around us.

    1. I'm lucky enough to have a girlfriend that has two chiropractors as parents. Free back adjustments for me! That being said, I'm well aware of back pain, it's not fun.

  5. Hey – great blog, just looking around some blogs, seems a really nice platform you are using. I’m currently using WordPress for a few of my blogs but looking to change one of them over to a platform similar to yours as a trial run. Anything in particular you would recommend about it?
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    1. Thanks for stopping by!
      Blogger is the only platform I have ever used so I can't really compare it to anything else. I have found it very user friendly

  6. Thank you for the script. I am a novice at tapping for myself, but am looking for a script to introduce my sister to tapping. She has chronic pain associated with an inoperable tumor pressing on her nerve in her upper back. Would this script work for her, or should it be tweaked some? thank you, C

  7. Thank you for the script. I am a novice at tapping for myself, but am looking for a script to introduce my sister to tapping. She has chronic pain associated with an inoperable tumor pressing on her nerve in her upper back. Would this script work for her, or should it be tweaked some? thank you, C

    1. I apologize, I am just now finding your sorry for the delay.

      I hope that your sister has found some relief in the last several months.

      Tapping is great for reduction in pain, but sometimes there are emotional connections to pain as well.

      I would suggest that she search Faster EFT on you tube and then search for back pain. He has over a thousand videos available and challenges you to think outside of the box as it relates to pain or the emotional contributors.

      I hope this helps!