This "Tapping Thing" Explained...

I want to share a video with you today
that features Nick Ortner, the producer of
the upcoming 5th annual Tapping World Summit...
As he describes in details, exactly what this
"Tapping thing" is, how it it works, what it
works on, the science and research behind it,
and how you can use it immediately to improve
your life...

Now I say this "Tapping thing" jokingly,
only because it's something that seems
strange to many when they first hear about it.
The truth is that Tapping, otherwise known
as EFT, is an extremely popular technique
used by countless people around the world.
You don't have to go far to hear people lauding
over how Tapping has changed their life and
how much they recommend it. 
It's even heavily supported by doctors, psychologists,
therapists, coaches and other professionals.
But at the end of the day, the only thing that
matters is that YOU try it out for yourself and
experience the results that it brings. 
Watch this video with Nick Ortner.  It will give
you a practical, down to earth explanation of
what Tapping is and how it works.

I especially liked how Nick broke it down and
explained why and how it works on certain issues. 
He has a very common sense approach that
I think you'll enjoy.  :)

Enjoy the video,
Cindy Selvaggio Shumaker

P.S. - Dr. Wayne Dyer recently said about
Tapping: "Put away your skepticism, this
really works...I've had great results with
tapping in my own life."

Jack Canfield calls it "..the most powerful
new transformational technology to
come along in years..."

Lissa Rankin M.D. says, "For those seeking
a prescription for eliminating limiting,
self-sabotaging beliefs that lead to fear,
anxiety, and chronic illness, look no further
than The Tapping Solution."

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