The Leader Or The Follower - Which Is Better?

I always viewed a leader as someone with strength and courage, someone who wasn't afraid to stand up for what they believed, someone who took the bull by the horn and made the changes they wanted to see. I admired leaders for their conviction to brave any storm that came their way.

I have two daughters. My oldest has always been a leader. She waits for no one. She forges ahead, she makes changes and she leads by example. She has been that way since she was young enough to make her own decisions.

My youngest was a follower. It was easier. Her older sister always told her what to do and how to do it. Their interaction created balance as sisters. It was easier for her to go with the flow. Less chaos and friction. As her mother, I was concerned she would not know how to think for herself as she matured, how to stand up for what she wanted and I was afraid she would eventually become a doormat.

Now with age and wisdom under my belt, I understand life always balances itself.  The yin and yang of leaders and followers is no different. It takes both to make the world mesh, to flow, to create changes.

If everyone was a leader, we would have different ideas being spewed in different directions. Although that isn't a bad thing, too many ideas and too many people wanting to take the reins causes chaos, frustration and slows down the process.

The world NEEDS followers, to assist the leader! They put into motion the activity that it takes to make changes happen. As one person jumps on the band wagon, they encourage others to do the same. No one wants to be left behind, so they too jump on the wagon. Before you know it, a movement takes place!

Simple ideas that create change on a local level, soon spark and ignite the desire in others to change their world. Pretty soon, those simple ideas are rippling to other groups, other cities, other states, other countries......

 Through leadership, the follower learns and creates ideas of their own. Ideas that they may have never thought about had they not experienced a pivotal shift in their perspective of the world.

I have let go of the idea that my daughters need to be leaders. They have their own paths to walk in life and as they have braved storms on those paths, they have figured out what their roles were and what it takes to stay balanced and whole. 

Whether they have taken the bull by the horn or jumped on the band wagon, they have developed the strength and courage it takes to make the necessary changes on their  journey. 

I admire them for their conviction!

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