Make peace with where YOU are!

I was having a discussion about church and religion recently when the conversation surprisingly pushed a button.

I very rarely get too riled about anything, especially religion, but this conversation hit a nerve.The matter at hand was touchy because a family member had been attending a church which was not of the same denomination in which they were raised. Apparently, this ruffled some feathers in the family and they questioned the company this family member was keeping.

The problem was not that they weren't going to church, it was that they were not going to the RIGHT church!
I couldn't believe what I was hearing....and it took me back about 30 years. I had been raised a Catholic but had attended a Baptist church as a visitor that particular Sunday many decades ago.

During the sermon, the preacher said, "Do you know what I would be if I wasn't Baptist? I'd be ashamed!".
I was so insulted, I didn't hear another word he said for the remainder of the sermon! How dare this "man of the cloth" make such an arrogant statement?
I thought church was a place you went to learn, to feel safe, to feel inspired.
I sure didn't feel that way when I left and I never went back!

I have never forgotten that one sentence and it has had a big influence on me in regards to tolerance and respect for others about their religious decisions.
It feels very uncomfortable when you stand in a place of "I'm right and you're wrong".
When anyone speaks from ego, they cut themselves off from the very happiness they seek.

There is no right religion, there are many religions and the differences in those religions is what makes life so beautiful!

Religion is very personal and sacred. It isn't about how often you go to church or what church you attend, what matters is how you treat people when you aren't there.
It's about how you make people feel, how you make them smile, not how long you sit in a pew.

I heard someone once say, "Standing inside a garage doesn't make you any more a car, than sitting in a church makes you any more a christian".
I agree - Being kind to people and showing respect is a great place to start!
We need to make peace with where we are and make peace with where our friends and family are.

If your thoughts feel good to you, then you are aligned with your true self - you are an extension of a higher power and pure positive energy.
That is the point in which you are full of love and joy which then manifests into more experiences of true happiness!

What if we could step back into our own power, allow people to be, think and feel for themselves without absorbing that into our experience?

What a wonderful world it would be!

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