Erase your fears today!

photo source: google images
I stumbled upon this picture the other day and after studying it for a few minutes, my mind started wandering.

I pictured myself standing in front of it, chalk in hand, writing down my latest fear.
As I stepped back and waited a few minutes, the words started to slowly fade until I couldn’t see them anymore. Were they really gone - gone forever?

I stood there for a few more minutes watching the wall and they never reappeared.
I took a short walk and came back - still not there!

What if I could scribble my fears on the wall every day and slowly watch them disappear?

My mind started to wander, thinking of the possibilities.

Then it hit me – we DO have a wall and it is called GOD!

I AM supposed to hand over all my fears, worries, concerns and doubts to him every day.

I AM supposed to let go and walk in faith that my fears will be erased.
So why is that so difficult?

Maybe it's because I want to actually see the proof; actually watch them disappear. It solidifies the process and makes it real.

Today, I promised myself that I would work on the process of trusting, of letting go, of walking away without looking back for proof.

To help myself ease the process of letting go and trusting GOD, I have written a tapping script that you may find useful as well.

If you are new to this blog and unfamiliar with the tapping process, please see the "introduction to tapping" link at the top of this page. It will provide you with everything you need to know!
As always, please change the words to fit your current situation

Karate chop point:

"Even though I have this fear, I love and accept myself anyway”
"Even though I’m scared, I accept this feeling and everything it means to me”
"Even though I have a hard time letting go, I love who I am anyway”

Round One:

EB: This fear
SE: It has been on my mind all day
UE: I have tried to divert my attention and think of other things
UN: But that was only a temporary fix
CH: I want to think more pleasant thoughts
CB: I want to focus on positive ideas
UA: I am still so scared
HD: I wish I knew what the outcome will be
WR: The fear of the unknown is stressing me out

** Now take a deep breath or two and proceed to the second round of tapping**

Round Two:

EB: This situatuion reminds me of _______ (something from your past that had a negative outcome)
SE: That was a scary time for me
UE: I don’t want to repeat that time in my life
UN: But maybe this time will be different
CH: Maybe the outcome will actually be pleasant
CB: I hadn’t thought of that before
UA: I like this new thought
HD: There is a very good possibility everything may be just fine
WR: I am starting to feel a lot better about this situation

** Now take a deep breath or two and proceed to the third round of tapping**

Round Three:

EB: I forgive myself and anyone else that may have contributed to this fear
SE: I love how I am turning this around
UE: I choose to imagine a picture perfect outcome
UN: My heart is starting to feel lighter
CH: The gray cloud is starting to lift and the sun is starting to peek through
CB: My fear is evaporating like the fog in the first ray of sunshine
UA: I choose to let go!
HD: I am erasing my fear right now...
WR: I feel calm, confident and finally in control!

**Take another deep breath and see if you are feeling any lighter**


  1. That's such a good idea. I'm inspired.

  2. I have called myself an undercover agent for Jesus on occasion in the past, but it looks like YOU are way ahead of me in this regard. Thanks for reminding us to Let Go and Let God. Love, Jimmy

    1. correct, correct, I understand what you are talking about!! so cold and bitter.. :)

  3. I understand now, I finally realize what has been said and done. I am now happy to walk the path happy, and greatfull because of all this drama and crap thats happening!