Easier Said Than Done!

Someone close to me is going through a rough patch right now, a very rough patch. She lost her job to circumstances beyond her control and and her marriage is falling apart. Divorce is inevitable and surviving on her own is very scary for her. As much as it kills me to see her hurting, I know I am not in control of the outcome.

One thing I have learned in the last decade is that I have to let go of situations I cannot control. Accompanying that, I discovered a new found freedom of peace that I didn't think was possible. I have also learned that everything and I mean everything happens for a reason. Even though what's happening to my friend literally sucks, it's in the best interest of all involved to step back, take a deep breath and trust the process.

I'm hearing all of you right now saying "yeah, easier said than done Cindy!" 

I understand that feeling because I too have been in that same situation thinking the exact same thing. Looking back, everything happened and played out exactly as it was meant to. I didn't realize it at the time, but now I understand. The challenges and the scary times all pushed me in a direction I wouldn't have consciously chosen for myself but they made I me who I am today. I am very proud of who I've become and what I've accomplished.

I had a conversation with this same friend a few days ago and after filling me in on disturbing events that had recently transpired, I expected her to break down. But she didn't. Instead she told me how excited she was for the future! I was shocked, I didn't see that coming. She said she didn't  know at this point how she's going to make it, but she knew she would. She explained that she had so many possibilities and choices opening up to her that she hadn't expected.

A few months ago, none of these potential choices were available to her. In fact, she couldn't have imagined them on her own. But now they were opening up slowly and beautifully, like a tender rosebud, blossoming the way nature intended.

Months ago, she had found herself slowly sinking to the bottom of the barrel. The suffocating darkness that had once surrounded her, had started to slowly dissipate. Refusing to wallow in self pity, she looked up and saw a glimmer of light streaming down upon her. She reached up, grabbed the tail end of that light. As the sun got brighter her attitude changed and then her world changed!

It never ceases to amaze me what can happen in our lives when we are given a ray of hope. It is the catalyst for our dreams, it's what keeps us going when we don't want to get out of bed.

I am so very proud of my friend and I feel honored to have her in my life! Even though she is 20 years younger than me, she is decades ahead of me in regards to learning the very same lessons. Life lessons that took me until I was in my 40's to learn. She has warmed my heart and touched my soul on a level I could have never expected!

If you or someone you love are going through a rough patch, keep your eyes open for that little ray of light, for it is that glimmer of hope that makes life's challenges easier than we could have imagined! 

I have provided a tapping script to help you!

 If you are new to this blog and unfamiliar with the tapping process, please see the "introduction to tapping" link at the top of this page.
It will provide you with everything you need to know!

Remember to change the words to fit your personal situation so it resonates with you!
Start with the Karate chop point.

Karate chop point:

*Even though I am hurting right now, I love myself anyway 
*Even though I feel like I am sinking fast, I honor this feeling and everything it means to me 

*Even though I have no idea how I'm going to get through this, I love who I am and choose to trust the process

Start the first round of tapping:

EB: I have no idea how I'm going to get through this

SE: I feel like I'm sinking fast

UE: This really sucks right now

UN: The darkness is suffocating

CH: Some days I feel like I can't breathe

CB: I don't want to get out of bed

UA: I don't want to face another day

HD: I am scared

WR: I am losing hope

Take a deep breath or two and proceed to the next round

EB: I know I can't live like this forever

SE: It's lonely in this deep dark hole of uncertainty

UE: If my world is going to change

UN: I know I have to look deep inside

CH: No matter what's happened

CB: I have to take control of my life

UA: I still don't know how

HD: But no one else can do that for me

WR: I refuse to wallow in self pity

Take a deep breath or two and proceed to the next round

EB: Life is full of opportunities

SE: Some I don't even know exist right now

UE: But I'm going to step back and trust the process

UN: I'm going to trust that there is a power higher than myself

CH: Who knows what's best for me

CB: I don't have to have all the answers right now

UA: I don't have to know the "how"

HD: I just need to have faith

WR: And trust the process

 Take a deep breath or two and proceed to the next round

EB: I forgive myself and anyone else that contributed to my current situation

SE: I choose to let it all go

UE: All the hurt, hopelessness, helplessness and despair

UN: It's time to let it go

CH: It's safe to let it go

CB: I'm safe

UA: Everything is going to be okay

HD: That ray of hope is shining brightly

WR: I am excited about all the unknown possibilities coming my way! 

Showering you with blessing of hope, clarity and confidence!

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