Panic attacks

I have never suffered from panic attacks, but I've had friends and family that have suffered from this crippling emotional state.

The fearful feelings of dying, of losing it in public, of being embarrassed, just trying to keep it all under control when you are falling apart is paralyzing and crippling!

Panic attacks are created in an effort to keep you safe based on internal references from past experiences. You may not know where they come from, you just know how you feel inside and that alone is a good place to start.

The first step in overcoming these attacks are by writing down everything about your attacks. 

What are they about, your biggest fears, how do you feel inside when you have them, where do you feel them in your body, what triggers them and then start releasing what you don't want...the memories, experiences, people and feelings that might be driving theses attacks.

Once you have the list complete, you start tapping on each one, releasing the emotional charges contained within.

For example, if you had a bad experience at the grocery store when you were a child, you may have panic attacks every time you go to the grocery store as an adult.

In order to clear these negative emotions, you have to neutralize the internal references that keep you a prisoner today. want to recall the event as best as you can and start tapping on each aspect of that grocery store memory  until you no longer feel it in your body.

If you don't have a specific event or memory, just tune into how you feel. Start tapping using my words below and slowly, your subconscious should start revealing memories that you need to clear to heal.

Take responsibility for your body and your mental health by tuning into your emotions, your feelings and keep yourself safe. Don't do anything that doesn't feel right for you. You are always in control!

If you have never tapped before, I suggest you learn the basics first. Familiarize yourself with the tapping points and how to tap here.

There are oodles of videos on You Tube as well.

Tap on the Karate Chop point and say:

Even though I feel like a mess inside, I deeply and completely love and accept myself
Even though my heart feels likes its beating out of my chest, I accept this feeling as a message from my body that I have some emotional work to do
Even though I feel paralyzed sometimes and I'm afraid to move, I accept this feeling and everything it represents in my life.

Now start your first round of tapping starting with the eyebrow point

EB: This fearful feeling
SE: This crippling feeling
UE: I don't want to move right now
UN: I'm afraid of what might happen
CH: My beating heart
CB: My sweaty hands
UA: All these thoughts racing through my head
HD: I hate feeling this way
WR: I feel like a prisoner in my own body

Take a deep breath and continue

EB: I don't think I can ever overcome these feelings
SE: I've had them as long as I can remember
UE: They've become a part of my routine
UN: Of who I am
CH: I don't know how I would act if I was calm
CB: Would I feel safe?
UA: Would I feel better if I changed how I looked at my world?
HD: Is it even possible
WR: I know I am not weak, I want to feel stronger than this

Take a deep breath and continue, but getting a little more detailed (replace my words with your words/fears)

EB: All this fear driving to the grocery store
SE: I have to go, but my heart is beating like crazy
UE: All this anxiety in my chest
UN: All this constricted breathing
CH: All the past memories
CB: Stored in my chest
UA: I have become a prisoner of my thoughts
HD: I know I am doing this to myself
WR: But I don't know how to change it

Take a deep breath and continue

EB: I know I am stuck in the past
SE: In my mind, I know there is nothing to be afraid of
UE: But my heart feels differently
UN:I know I must change these feelings
CH: And I think I am ready for that change
CB: I want to feel free again
UA: I want to live a carefree life
HD: I am willing to do whatever it takes to turn this around
WR:I am ready to let it all go

Take a deep breath and continue

EB:I choose to forgive myself and anyone else that created these panic attacks
SE: All this anxiety, all this fear
UE: All the negative feelings that I have felt all these years
UN: It's time to let it go
CH: It's safe to let it go
CB: I'm safe
UA: All this fear, all this anxiety
HD: Melting away
WR: Letting it all go

Take a deep breath and continue

EB: I am tired of the melt downs
SE: I will get through this
UE: I know these fearful feelings are temporary
UN: So I am choosing to let them go
CH: One thought at a time
CB: I am stronger than I realize
UA: And I will overcome this
HD: One baby step at a time
WR: I am choosing to let this all go
Take a deep breath and continue

EB: Let it go
SE: Let it go
UE: It's safe to let it all go
UN: I'm starting to feel so much better
CH: I am starting to relax
CB: I am feeling calmer
UA: My heart is feeling lighter
HD: I can breathe easier
WR:I love that I am in control now

Take a deep breath and say PEACE

Continue to use this script over and over, replacing my words with words that resonate with you, that feels true for you. You must give yourself permission to feel your emotions and change the words to fit those emotions and mental pictures you hold inside of you.

Tapping does work if you use it consistently and persistently

Showering you with blessings of calmer days

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