We all carry the same baggage

Sometimes we feel all alone with our problems, but the truth is, we all lug the same stuff around, they're just disguised differently.

At times, the load gets so heavy, we feel crushed by the burden of carrying our stuff from relationship to relationship or job to job. If we don't find a way to purge or let go of our stuff, we find unhealthy ways to cope.

We drink it away, we eat it, we gamble it, we shop it, we sleep it away....but do we really?
When we sober up, or wake up or rack up debt on our credit cards, our problems still exist, we just found a convenient way to numb them for awhile.

Until we successfully find a way to "let go", our problems will eat us up.
Unsuccessful coping mechanisms leads to self destructive behavior which leads to long term health issues which eventually eat us from the inside out.

Over time, our bodies will develop chronic diseases which just exacerbates our worry and piles more baggage on top of what we are already lugging around.

We must find ways to get to the core of our issues, and yank them out by the roots, like the nasty weeds that they are!
Until we do that, we will continue to mentally and physically decay.

I challenge you to take that first brave step and peek inside that dark heavy load you've been carrying around. It may be moldy and somewhat stinky in there, but your stuff has had time to vegetate and fester.  Be brave and rip it open anyway!

Get honest with yourself, take control and use a tool like tapping to eradicate each stinky emotional burden you've been carrying! Doing so will create a vacuum of attracting exciting new experiences that you never thought possible!

Showering you with blessings of lighter loads and brighter days!

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