Who would I be without all this fear

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I was talking to a close friend today who has hit another big road bump in life.
Challenges are not new to her, in fact, they have become her way of life and physical pain had set in once again.

As we chatted she said she needed God to give her a miracle, it was the only thing that she had left.  

I told her she had to let go, hand it over in faith. So what do I do, she asked. Do I have to say out loud "I'm letting go, you take over!" How do I summon help she asked, just HOW do I let go?

I reassured her that he had already heard her pleas, but she is blocking his answers because she can't stay quiet. She can't quiet her mind long enough to hear his divine answer because she is living in a state of fear.
"Who would I be without all this fear? " she asked. "That's all I've ever known!" 

She had to admit that her body was probably in the pain that it was because her adrenals were shot from constantly being in a fearful state.

I think we've all felt this way at some point our lives, but if we don't quiet the fear based monkey chatter in our heads, we can't hear our intuitive voice or answers from the divine. I like to compare this to being at a deafening concert. People try to talk, but can't hear a thing because the music is too loud.
God tries to talk, but we can't hear a darn thing because the chatter is too loud in our minds.

We want to stay in control, white knuckling the steering wheel of life, making sure we don't veer off course when in fact we need to go down a different path. An unfamiliar, unknown path  makes us feel uncomfortable and that's when panic sets in.

That is the exact time we should take a step back, take a deep breath and know that our lives are "recalculating", to keep us moving forward towards the destination that is meant to be.

So how do we let go, how do we shut off that fight or flight part of our brain? 

I have always found tapping a great resource for quieting my mind, calming my hypersensitive spirit so I can regroup and remove the negative feelings that are keeping me from moving forward with confidence and clarity. 

Here is a tapping script that may help you surrender....

If you have never tapped before, I suggest you learn the basics first. Familiarize yourself with the tapping points and how to tap here.

There are oodles of videos on You Tube as well.

Tap on the Karate Chop point and say:

Even though I don't know how to let go, I deeply and completely love and accept who I am anyway.  
Even though my body hurts from worrying so much, I appreciate all the messages my body is sending me. 
Even though I have no idea what lies ahead of me and I am scared, I love and accept myself anyway

Now start your first round of tapping starting with the eyebrow point

EB: All this fear  
SE: I need a miracle right now  
UE: It's all I have left  
UN: I'm so scared  
CH: Time is running out  
CB: I don't know what to do  
UA: I need answers  
HD: I have to stay in control  
WR: It's the only thing that makes me feel better

Take a deep breath and continue

EB: I don't know how to let go  
SE: Maybe I don't want to let go  
UE: I mean, fear is all I've known  
UN: Who would I be without all these fears  
CH: It's how I've gotten through life  
CB: It's how I've gotten where I am today  
UA: Look how that has worked for me so far  
HD: My life is exactly what I have attracted  
WR: With every fearful thought

Take a deep breath and continue, but getting a little more detailed (replace my words with your words/fears)

EB: Maybe I need to calm down
SE: Maybe I can find a way to let go  
UE: As scary as that is  
UN: I know there has to be a better way  
CH: Better than praying for miracles  
CB: It would be nice to know  
UA: Someone else is in charge  
HD: It would take some pressure off me  
WR: Pressure my body doesn't need

Take a deep breath and continue

EB: I forgive myself and anyone else that may have contributed to all this fear  
SE: I think I'm ready to hand my fears over  
UE: I am ready to relax  
UN: And know that all my needs will be taken care of  
CH: That everything is unfolding exactly as it should  
CB: In the right way  
UA: I want to live a carefree life
HD: I am willing to do whatever it takes to turn this around  
WR:I am ready to let it all go

Take a deep breath and continue

EB:I choose to let go starting today  
SE: All this fear  
UE: All the negative feelings that I have felt all these years  
UN: It's time to let it go  
CH: It's safe to let it go  
CB: I'm safe  
UA: All this fear  
HD: Melting away  
WR: Letting it all go

Take a deep breath and continue

EB: Let it go  
SE: Let it go  
UE: It's safe to let it all go  
UN: I'm starting to feel so much better  
CH: I am starting to relax  
CB: I am feeling calmer  
UA: My heart is feeling lighter
HD: I can breathe easier  
WR: I can wake up knowing everything will be just fine!

Take a deep breath and say PEACE

Continue to use this script over and over, replacing my words with words that resonate with you, that feels true for you. You must give yourself permission to feel your emotions and change the words to fit those emotions and mental pictures you hold inside of you.

Tapping does work if you use it consistently and persistently

Showering you with blessings of calmer days and arriving at the perfect destination!
Love, Cindy


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  2. Cindy, I enjoyed this. May we all continue to discover new modalities and mindsets that convert our lives to peace, joy and freedom.

    1. Thank so so much Maura, that means a lot coming from you!